Windmills, dikes, polders and farms. North Holland is a beautiful province that shows the centuries-long struggle against the water drawn into the land.

Over meandering dikes and farmland and along quiet country roads runs the North Holland Path that connect the most beautiful spots in North Holland all together. The 13 stages total form a long-distance hiking trail that runs 270 kilometres from Texel to ‘t Gooi. Stage 4 goes from Julianadorp to Kolhorn, right past our camping site.

Stage 3 along camping Duinzoomhoeve

As an ambassador for the North Holland Path we welcome you on your hike. We happlily enrich your hiking booklet with a stamp and signature. With your booklet filled you will receive a present from the province of North Holland. The trail map and guide are available on the camping site. Did you break your shoelace? Make sure to tell us so we can give you a new one!

Overnight en route

Walking on the North Holland Path is an adventurous enjoyment of the bountiful countryside. Stay the night over on the way on our camping site or in one of our comfortable Haystack Cabins. The farmer’s wife makes a 3-course dinner for you with fresh local products. Also breakfasts and lunches we happily serve you. If needed we will arrange to pick up your luggage. Book well in advance to ensure a sleeping place on your hike. Check out our package deals or contact us directly.